Outdoor Prefabricated Substations

Outdoor Prefabricated Substations

ILVIEF is the leading Greek manufacturer for prefabricate outdoor substations. We can design and construct substations to cover all cases of environmental and operating applications. We have designed, supplied products globally.

Our main competitive advantage is the support for our customers in all the stages of the projects from the specifications to the commissioning and start up.

In collaboration with our customers and partners we design and supply the best techno -commercial solution for the application in order to achieve best cost/performance ratio.Our production capacity combined with standardization of production give us the ability to construct significant quantities while keeping the delivery time.All the equipment we place inside the outdoor substations has type tested certificates that guarantees the quality and the reliability of solution.

Our products guarantees:

01 Fast installation on a concrete base without the need for on-site installation.

02 Made entirely of sheet metal and coated externally with an insulated panel of polyurethane or galvanized steel sheet coated with polyester paint, which ensures minimal maintenance and re sistance to oxidation.

03 Continuous operation without any kind of maintenance.

04 Safety for operators and the personnel.

05 Sufficient internal space for control and maintenance of equipment.