Founded in 1979 in Volos, the company up until now has had a dynamic presence in the field of energy in the country. From 1979 to 1999 the company is active in the sectors of power distribution, electrical power installations of power plants, industrial automation and control systems. Its current form, called "Ntaifas Bros" is the company’s evolution. The IL.VI.EF. is a modern company that is developing in all the fields that are concerned with the energy industry, offering a broad range of solutions for the public and the private sector.

IL.VI.EF. uses advanced technologies which- combined with its long-term existence- have developed it into a company with profound knowledge and extensive experience. Its basic principles for each project undertaken is excellent quality, consistency and respect for the customer and his needs. Always aiming to protect the environment, the company helps maintain a healthy balance between human and natural environment. For 35 years the company remains committed to one goal: continuous evolution and optimizing the quality of its products and services.

The company is closely monitoring market developments, both at a technological and commercial level, educating its workforce continuously. It is working directly with companies worldwide to supply high quality products, thus ensuring for its partners excellent value for money. Thanks to the multitude and variety of all forms of construction, it has established itself in the energy market. Focused on customer satisfaction the company treats each of them as a unique case, paying particular attention to the importance and value of interpersonal contact.

IL.VI.EF. conducts studies and offers integrated services and solutions tailored to the needs of its associates. It has the ability to cover even the most demanding applications and specifications for any equirment.