Upon completion of each electrical switchboard and panel a routine tests certificate is issued after successful completion of routine tests according to the European Standard EN 61439-1 and the quality procedures of the company according to EN ISO 9001.

Controls, checks and tests carried out are the following:

1.    Dielectric Strength Test
2.    Insulation Test
3.    Earth and continuity test
4.    Mechanical Interlocks test
5.    Construction check and operation under voltage
6.    Sufficient operation of command and control instruments.
7.    Cables positioning and routing.
8.    Correct materials installation and location.
9.    Cables connection on the contacts of the electrical material and equipment.
10.    Verification of correspondence of information labelling, ferruling, drawings and technical data of the construction with the accompanying ones (CADDY)




After customers demand IL.VIEF Ltd certifies the good and safe operation of the electrical switchboards with Type tests certification according to the EN 60439-1 standard, providing relevant protocols by well known internationally recognized testing organizations.


Controls, checks and tests carried out are :

1.    Rise temperature test
2.   Dielectric withstand level test
3.    Short circuit withstand test
4.   Protection systems reliability test
5.    Creeping distance test
6.    Mechanical operation test
7.    Ingress protection, index of protection verification test.



The low voltage switchboards and panels are manufactured and are in accordance with the demands and conform with low voltage guidelines  (LVD) 73/23/ΕE,  93/68/ΕE & 2006/95/EE and the harmonized standards ΕΝ 60335-1 & ΙΕC 60439.


  • Quality Certificate ISO 9001: 2008 for the provision of quality services to the client from the planning and design to the construction.
  • Certificate Type Tests in accordance with the European standard EN62271-200 conducted in (KDEP) for quality assurance of projects and complete coverage of the customer.



Iso Certificate

UNISEC Certificate